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Introduction to our modular fire-tent-system
In these tents one has the comfort and the sense of openness of a Kåta, Lavvu or Tipi, along with the special ambience offered by an open fire or a stove. Additionally, one has the advantage of a light-weight tent. It is easy to transport and the inside will remain absolutly free of mosquitoes as long as the fire is burning.
The tarps are of high quality material and the modular system is quite flexible. The ingenious solution of the topcover draws the smoke outside and protects the interior of the tent from the elements, all while a cosy fire burns inside.
These tents are ideal for living in the great outdoors, for backpacking, for camps, for assemblies, for parties, and they are the perfect choice for organizations. For years they have been used in camps and for backpacking, in the wilderness of Scandinavia and all over the world.
Ideal for
friends, families and groups
Perfect for
living in the great outdoors and trekking
What are Kohta and Kohju?
The typical tent of the Sami People in Northern Europe, the Kåta, inspires Kohta, which is similar to a tipi.
The Kohta consists of 4 kohta-tarps and a topcover. It can be easily set up with two poles, which can be found in the woods.
Kohta will fit up to 8 people including their backpacks.
The Kohju is inspired by the Mongolian Yurt.
It consists of 6 Kohta-tarps and
6 wall-tarps and a topcover.
The Kohju will comfortably fit up to 24 people and their backpacks.
Information on Kohta and Kohju
Kohta and Kohju fullfill all the requirements of a good tent. They have plenty of room inside, and are easy to set up even in inclement weather. They break down into separate pieces that can fit into a backpack, so you can transport them easily. If necessary you can easily repair any damage to the fabric with a simple needle and thread. And best of all, you can build a warm and cozy fire inside the tent.
The Kohta offers many advantages compared to other tents. It is large enough for up to 8 adults and you can cook inside at an open fire, which means that you'll be warm and dry inside even when it is cold and wet outside. For transport you can take it apart and distribute the pieces among group members. It is a perfect tent for small groups to live, sleep, cook or simply relax around the fire.
This is all you need to be safely protected.
Four tarps, a topcover, a few ropes and an axe to cut the tent-pegs as well as the two poles to build the Kohta in which up to eight people could find a cosy warm sleeping place.
© Kohta in late autumn during grape harvest.
It´s always good to have a dry place
to warm up hands and feet.
© Kohta in winter in Norway.
When having winter temperatures it becomes very importend to have the high value of beeing protected and having the warmth of a campfire.
A stove can be used instead of an open fire. You are free to decide on one hand the comfort of a stove and on the other hand less weight and the open fire.
Feel free to decide open fire or stove, always fitting to the requirements of your tour.
Reindeer-skins (to be seen in front) are very comfortable and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.
© Kohta among palms.
Kohta is at home everywhere in the world,
from north to south, from winter to summer.
The Kohta is a comfortable tent for all seasons.
Palms and cactuses fit to the Kohta as well as the forests of the polar regions.
The Kohju is a suitable tent for 24 people and has all the advantages as the Kohta. The round shape is especially pleasing and offers room to stand upright throughout the interior. Inside the tent one feels as though one is in one's own home while at the same time being in the great outdoors. The sidewalls may be fully closed, partially raised, or even completely removed allowing the roof to serve as a rain or sun shelter. The Kohju consists of triangular Kohta-tarps that are used for the roof, while the side walls consist of rectangular wall-tarps.
Ideal for events and partys.
With the fire- or a an embers-cauldron in the center it is always comfortable.
Up to 4 tables, each for 8 persons can be put inside.
So there is room for 32 persons.
And there is still room for an extra table to serve food and drinks.
© The two poles keeping the complete Kohju up.
That means you don't need no lattice, no rafter, no frames. Just the two large and twelve smaller poles. If you want you can expand the tent as large as you want it. Everything of the modular Kohta and Kohju system fits perfect together and you are able to build your own "little house" within half an hour.
From only two types of tarps - the Kohta-tarp and the Wall-tarp - there emerges a modular system that you can use to construct not just the Kohta, and the Kohju, but also many other variations of tent. The range of tent styles begins with a small tent for one person and extends to large tents for events, including every use in between. Your only limit is your imagination. See also
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